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Free shipping for orders over: $69 Australia Wide


Polish With Purpose

Picture Polish is proud to introduce Polish with Purpose, an ongoing collection of nail polishes to feature environmental and social causes. A dollar from each bottle goes towards a specific organization via biannual donations. We hope to highlight areas that haven’t received as much attention while pairing them with stunning polish colours. Because nail polish is gorgeous, and giving back is even better.

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A collection of common questions that tend to be asked over and over.

What is Polish With Purpose?

Nail polish is a simple way to beautify your nails, but as NPAs know, it’s also much more. Nail polish is a way to celebrate important occasions and make us feel invincible during everyday life. And no matter where you call home, nail polish can serve as a connection to others. It is with unity in mind that we developed our latest endeavour.

In the past, Picture Polish launched two fundraising polishes with great success. The NPA community and the Picture Polish community, in particular, showed themselves to be as compassionate as they are fashionable. As such, it became clear to us that we wanted to do more.

Coral Collection

The Living Coral Biobank is the first of its kind and strives to preserve coral biodiversity. As we unfortunately know, rising world temperatures have caused massive coral bleaching. According to Dr. Dean Miller, Managing Director of Great Barrier Reef Legacy, over 50% of corals have been destroyed during the last few decades. The Living Coral Biobank collects and preserves corals, acting like a living “Coral Arc” to encourage research and restoration efforts.

In support of this incredible initiative, Picture Polish has created a Reflective Glitter collection. The unique nail polish formula represents the sunlight as it reflects and sparkles on ocean waves. Picture Polish will give $1.00 from every bottle purchased from this collection to the Living Coral Biobank, contributed biannual. Stunning nails for an important and crucial cause!

Freedom Nail Polish

Freedom nail polish is a polish with a purpose. Created with help from Picture Polish fans, this blue nail polish is a fundraiser for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.  Freedom is a crystal-jelly holographic nail polish and inspired by the blue and yellow of the Ukraine flag and the sunflower story.

The nail community is worldwide and has no borders. Pain and suffering have no nationality. Unity and connection are more important than ever to show others that we care. Nail polish may seem trivial to some, but as NPAs, we know the positive impact nail polish can have. To help support Ukrainian humanitarian efforts, Picture Polish is launching a new fundraising polish called Freedom. The label image of a sunflower and seeds, including a red seed, represents the strength and courage of the Ukrainian people.

All funds will be directed to the Gostomel Animal Shelter, referred by Yuliia Marchenko @yyulia_m a much loved NPA in Ukraine.

Donated: AU$3,400

North Pole Nail Polish

North Pole was created with Basecoat Stories. Jasmin’s created this nail polish to represent the icy meltwater that is increasingly turning the white Arctic into deep shades of blue with temperatures rising every year.

As chosen by Jasmin, $1.00 from every bottle sold will go to Oceans North, an organisation that supports marine conservation in partnership with Indigenous and coastal communities in Canadian Artic facing the impact of climate change.

Support to date: AU$377.88

Recovery Nail Polish

Our first polish with a purpose was Recovery. Created with help from Picture Polish fans after the devasting bushfires in Australia in 2020.

Read the story behind NPAs for Wildlife here.

Read how we created Recovery colour here.

Recovery was retired in 2022. Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a bottle. Your kindness enable us to give  $9,515.00 accross the following organisations:

Wildlife Victoria


Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter

Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter

Adelaide Koala Rescue

Mogo Wildlife Park

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital + Koala Adoptions

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Wild to Free

Secret Creek Sanctuary

Friends of the Koala,

ACT Wildlife

Bargo Dingo Sanctuary

Wildlife Rescue South Coast

Southern Cross Wildlife Care

Aussie Ark

Two Songs Sanctuary