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Why would men love nail polish?

January 20, 2019 | Creativity

Why would men love nail polish?  Nail polish and me it’s quite a story.

For so long and in my mind nail polish was considered a futile addiction and therefore a ‘useless girly thing’.

Well… is it really that?  Today we have rockers proudly wearing a nice dark nail polish color on their nails.

Things change for the best. So much so there are now guys wearing nail polish or at least loving it. There are men doing nail art with some famous artists among them.  With nail art comes creativity and the opportunity to connect with like minded people.  As with make up, male nail artist’s have become just as common as male painters seen throughout history.

Ladies are bringing it up as well, in fact. A few years ago, most women nail-artists I knew weren’t encouraged at all by their partners, considering it a waste of time and money. As of now, most boyfriends/husbands I’ve been aware of are rather enthusiasts, supporting, and they’ve become the artist’s very first fan. You do give your own entourage pride and admiration with your artworks.

Overall and to which is fantastic, everyone has actually become more and more open to nail polish. The palette of colors is wider, nail salons are spreading these last years, techniques and tools have considerably evolved and seeing ladies wearing well manicured nails with nail polish has become something regular we are all used to, at work, in public transport, everywhere…

Also, nail polish is now extremely colorful, with a diversity of aspects, finishes and variants. Do you prefer bright colors ? Maybe soft nudes ? Darker shades ? Would you like creme finish, holo, mattified, multichromes, glitters, flakies, sand… You name it! Everyone can find their own taste. Yep, including men.

Why would guys love nail polish?  Well I’m tempted to say… why would they not LOVE nail polish!

A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Guillaume (aka G) is a 38 year old writer, polish lover and nail artist from France. His interest in nail polish began with his wife love of nail polish 10 years ago and the addiction grew from that moment on wards. Coloring his every day life.

Check out Guillaume’s Instagram NailsByLink for his nail art swatches.

Thanks for your perspective G.  The Girls xox