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A Brush Of Hope

December 24, 2018 | Creativity

I never thought that clicking on a simple nail art video on YouTube would lead to an entire new love of mine. It was truly a brush of hope. I have always liked nail polish, but a certain YouTube influencer changed that to an obsession. And I am not complaining about it. I was in a dark place at the time. I still have my dark moments. Even though I had other hobbies or escapes, she gave me a new one. It is hard to put into words just how grateful I am for that day, for that video and for everything that followed.

A good place to start would be what I suffer through each day. Anxiety and severe manic depression, along with PTSD. I have gone through a lot in my twenty nine years and it has all left its mark on me. They weigh on me every day and, sometimes, make it impossible to even get out of bed. Add the fact that I also get horrible migraines multiple times a week that leave me bed ridden and take up all of my energy, even after they’re gone. I have tried therapy many times and, of course, medication. Which all have their ups and downs. The only hobbies that ever helped more were reading, writing and now nail art and everything to do with nail polish.

I have learned a lot in the almost two years I have been practicing. Just how to paint my nails better, different techniques and styles, nail care, etc. I have also learned a lot about the polish making process because it fascinates me. I am by no means excellent at nail art and I tend to lean towards swatching more so now but I still do nail art when I can pull myself to do it. Because even some days nail art and polish cannot save me from my mental health. No matter how much I want it to. But that never stops me from continuing to try.

The best part of joining the nail art community has been the friends I have made and just how welcoming the entire community is in general. It is full of wonderful people that are always there to offer advice. Even if the advice isn’t nail art or polish related. The support group it has given me is more than I could ever ask for. I know that even if I end up deleting my nail art Instagram or just take a few long breaks between posting, I will always have the friends that I have made. They understand what I go through mentally and physically and never judge me, and I do the same for them.

The nail art community is a family. You will always be welcome and you will always have a support system. Do not be afraid to reach out to anyone for help. No matter what you are going through, you will always have someone there for you. We are not just nail artists or swatchers or polish creators, we are people that understand the good and bad days. I hope that me opening up about all of my issues and how the community has helped me will bring whoever reads this the same kind of help. Thank you for reading.


A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Jenn is a 29 year old writer, nail art and polish lover from Northeast Pennsylvania, USA.  She lives with her fiancee, younger brother and mother.  Also four cats and two dogs.  She battles many mental and physical health issues by writing and practicing nail art.  They are the outlets that truly got her through her dark days.

Check out Jenn’s Instagram here: Nails By Jenno

Thank you for sharing heartfelt story Jenn.  The Girls xox