How to ‘Nail Art’ Monochrome French

Elegant, classic and simple, few can resist the timeless elegance that is the ultimate duet paring of black and white. You too can create this fantastic monochrome look which is a modern and sophisticated take on the chic, polished effect of a classic French manicure. Monochrome French is devised by Jules and brought to life here by Sveta Sanders using simple nail art techniques and piCture pOlish products available online to create these stunning contrast nails.

First, begin with piCture pOlish Bright White, known for its super white crème finish, achieving a solid and smooth (opaque) coverage in just two coats. Bright White is the perfect foundation needed to achieve such a dramatic and defined look. Expressing purity and a sense of innocence, Bright White is expressive and flawless. Once you’re done with the creamy base coat, move on to the tips. You Buy Nail Polish accessories like these vinyls to create your crescent or go freehand… Your hands should be steady to avoid any mishaps.

Simply apply your selected shape and apply a generous lashing of piCture pOlish Black. Known as a colour of secrecy shrouded in negative undertones, create your own air of mystery and defiance with this look. piCture pOlish Black is the fundamental piece of this puzzle, perfectly clashing from the opposite end of the colour palette spectrum, providing a rich, dark contrast. There simply is no time for grey here!

This modern twist works well for both short and long nails and let’s face it – black and white never goes out of style. It is quite simply the most classical combination ever, perfect for day to day wear and glaming up that little black dress. Monochrome French is a sophisticated take on nail art that’s great for beginners and very easy to achieve using nail polish supplies and nail art kits, all available online through piCture pOlish.

Finish with piCture pOlish Gloss on Top to get this gel look, resulting in an immaculate high gloss top coat which dries smooth on the nail. Your manicure will last longer this way. It’s simple, sophisticated and beautiful!

Buy nail polish / lipstick / nail art online now… Go on dare to be different!