NEW Collection June 2018

New Collection June 2018

TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY …. fall in love with your NEW nail polish collection…drum roll please

In a whimsical twist of fete, even though our new collection was designed way before the biggest, most ‘ahhhhh’ inspiring wedding of the year, there is no doubt that there are connections between two.  Whether you are a devoted royalist or perhaps not really fussed, there is no denying the incredible energy of a crush that can occasionally turn into a fresh new romance, leading sometimes into a love so powerful you feel like the luckiest person on the planet, surpassing fairy-tale princess dreams of royalty, you have found your eternal…your destiny!

Meet your new right royal guests…


Created by us this peony pink with scattered holo represents the crazy obsession you feel when you have a huge crush.  Flushed, blushed, scattered and ethereally vibrant… see nail polish Fancy here!

Nail Polish Fancy


This lime green scattered holo created in collaboration with Regina_arg from Russia and had been in her dreams for three years.  Fresh is both gentle and bright the same time.  With a combination of neon and green it charges you with energy and everything feels new and refreshed… see nail polish Fresh here!

Nail Polish Fresh


Created by us this soft pink subtle scatter holo accompanied with golden sparkles will make you again believe in the magic of fairy tales and that your innocent princess dreams from childhood really can come true (even if just on your nails whilst tapping away on your key board at the office!)  Hey, it’s still a beautiful thought… see nail polish Princess here!

Nail Polish Princess


A beautiful collaboration with Olivia Jade Nails from Australia this vibrant purple scatter holo inspired by all the sassy, bright, fun, smart and effervescent young girls who know how to dream big… see nail polish Royal here!

Nail Polish Royal


This arctic blue to green scatter holo collaboration with Esteloskora from Israel symbolises where life can take us and our reality may be different from the original plan.  Sometimes its good to breathe, let go because your real destiny can be more bright and sparkling than you ever imagined… see nail polish Destiny here!

Nail Polish Destiny


In collaboration with Lady and The Stamp from the United Kingdom this soft tangerine subtle scatter halo oozes such warmth it could keep you cozy on a warm winters night.  This is inspired by those incredible Mums who are sometimes our best friends in the world for their endless love, kind heart and caring nature… see nail polish Eternal here!

Nail Polish Eternal

We hope you love these vibrant and beautiful shades too.  Enjoy cheers The Girls xox