Sewing the Seeds of Love

Picture Polish

Like Starship built their City on Rock n Roll, piCture pOlish has built our business with an army of incredible sisters…you!  Being digital adopters from the outset we had a snippet of understanding at the opportunities that may be available via the digital world, we knew that it was the door to engage and connect and we also kind of knew from the get go that our business never really did belong to us… it was always going to be about you!

Communities that work the best are based on mutual benefits, from mutual benefits comes trust and the ability to allow others to work along side you to build each other up to the next stage.  That is how our brand has grown.

piCture pOlish were lucky to be primed and ready to roll at the beginning of the blogger revolution watching in awe how everyday people, who intimately knew and were willing to share and write about their passion, had the power to engage and ultimately influence readers with their words and images.

In 2011 piCture pOlish held it’s first BLOG Fest where our little bottles of light and love were sent to 30 bloggers around the world with the instruction to write their review and wait until one specific day to post it.  It worked.  By 2015 over 100 bloggers were sharing their insights about our incredible nail polish with the rest of the world.

Watching people’s reactions, we understood that by providing an opportunity to connect, share and create would not only inspire like-minded people’s worlds but also have the ability to form real relationships and add a whole lot of colour to the online world.

It was these Blog Fests from 2011-2015 and our Nail Art Quarterly competition in 2016 that inspired us to bring together two ideas to make it simple with one concept for our much loved world of Instagram.

piCture pOlish challenges were born and we have been blown way by the thousands of people across the globe who post their pictures out into the big wide world to give us a little insight into their own precious world.

The ideas, mutual love, learning and willingness that you have shared with the piCture pOlish family has been incredible.

Through every Challenge we have been inspired by you, loved you, read every single comment and sometimes wanted to kick your butt lol (like all families you need the whole mix to make it real and right…) but the key ingredient remains the same, engaging and interacting with you, our family.

On that note we’ve listened to your feedback in regard to our past Challenges and now are ready to rock n roll and launch piCture p0lish Challenges 2018.  So please stay tuned…