Sharing Nail Polish Love

We’re sharing nail polish love.  We love our piCture pOlish community so much and recently we were overwhelmed with all the nice things that you had to say about us! Customer satisfaction is our end goal here at PP HQ and the girls and I, truly believe that our customers’ opinions are pure gems. Which is why we’ve grown as a company and our new online store is evidence as you all helped us to create it. Easy to navigate your input has redefined the shopping experience when you’re online shopping for nail polish.

We’re proud and honoured to have received thousands of positive comments about being the best Nail product suppliers! And thought we’d share some of our favourites…

Holographic Nail Polish

In particular, holosexuals — lovers of holographic formulas — love our vast collection. Read on, but be warned you might be converted:

  • @virginie_et_ses_vernis = I love particularly the scatter holo of picturepolish ❤️
  • @enid_crochet = Picture polish is one of my favorite brands of nail lacquer, because they have such a wide range of colors, the quality is amazing, the holos are beautiful and their matte top coat is fantastic.
  • @langolodeglismalti = Picture Polish shades are simply stunning and unique, the colors you choose are super original and complex! My favorite ones are the scattered holos, they always look so elegant ? Plus, I adore the packaging and the names ?

Wear Time

We know our polish has serious staying power, we happy to say a “week on the tips” if you don’t believe us then here’s what others had to say :

  • @polilish = Your polishes are all so beautiful and of such great quality, and for me they have excellent wear time, at least a week if not more! (I only don’t know if they can go beyond a week because I get bored with the same colour and have to change ?)
  • @horusac75 = I absolutely love the combination of gorgeous colours, great finishes and amazing wear time! ❤
  • = I discovered picture polish around 3 years ago, and ever since I tried my first pp polish, which was fools gold, I instantly fell in love with the brand. Even the first stroke was flawless! Picture polish’s products have never disappointed me; I love the quality, the buttery smooth formula, the amazing wear time, and best of all, the unique and outstanding range of shades! I bet you there’s not a shade you can’t find for your mood! With the cute and intelligent names and quotes for each bottle, you definitely feel special wearing it!

Nail Polish Shades and Unique Colours

Our nail polish collection is forever evolving with new shades launched all the time. We’ve become infamous for creating unique shades and the colour available in the range.

  • @secretjewelgarden = I love PP because your shades are so unique and every polish has someting original and special in it to distinguish it from the others!
  • @lottiepolish = I love picture polish because your colours are to die for, your formula is so nice and all the names are so funny! In short, I love picture polish because you guys are a company with heart ???❤️??
  • @eisernehai = I love pp because of terrific colour range – I can find anything to suit my needs – from pastels to neons 🙂 brush is awesome too, the most comfortable I’ve ever used!


We are so focused on superior quality nail polish, matte lipsticks and nail polish supplies. Manufactured in Australia, the polish contains no artificial fragrances or flavours, and are 100% 5-free, vegan & cruelty-free.

  • @luciepop = I love @picturepolish for the quality, the texture and especially the originality of each polish !!
  • @remblaphoto = love #picturepolish because it has both quality and originality. It’s pretty much impossible to find good nail polish around here, and so your polish saves me every time. I’ve simply fallen in love with so many of your colours

Customer Interaction & Care

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, so our Customer care needs to be in top shape. We love to engage and interact with you all and that’s why some of you love us so much. Read below what our customers have to say:

  • “I received my AWESOME polishes last week here in the USA with no problems! They are amazing colors and finishes – the pictures on the site are very pretty, but don’t do the polishes justice! They are absolutely beautiful. And thank you for the little extras – I’ve always wanted to try water decals and now I can 🙂
    Again, thank you for the wonderful products and customer service. You girls are wonderful!
    Love from America,
    Laura Devine
  • @beautyaddictedd = Of course the amazing quality that makes the nail polish last really well. The shape of the brush that fits my cuticles perfectly and most important: the colours and formulas are just amazing❤
  • @kayotic.nails = I love PP for your originality in shades and your interaction with your fans.