A Thousand Different Personalities… Just Like You!

piCture pOlish has a thousand different personalities.

We are all diverse humans with many different facets and layers.

One day we can be the loudest in the room and the next the quietest.  One day we want to travel the world and the next be completely comfortable in the constraints of our bedroom walls.  One day we can’t stop laughing, the next we could fill a well with our tears. A thousand different personalities!

piCture pOlish is an expression of you, the individual you are on any given day.  Black nail polish, matte nail polish, metallic nail polish, white nail polish and holographic nail polish.  Each name and colour is a little part of you.

An adventurer one day and a homebody the next…

It gets as excited with a cocktail in hand dancing under big city lights as it does with cocoa in hand, wrapped up on the couch in candle light.

One day it’s intrigued by moss growing in the middle of the bush and the next catching the biggest wave from the deep blue ocean…

piCture pOlish has literally a thousand personalities each one allowing you to express yours.

Which one will be yours today?