Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

Confessions Nail Polish Addict

Confessions nail polish addict. Recently, we asked for your confession… how many nail polishes do you own?   When building the ultimate polish collection we know firsthand that you need to start with a sturdy base, plus a few for nail art embellishments.  The ‘nail polish addicts (NPA)’ in our online community were quick to confess…

Read some of their comments below:

  • Not including base/top coats, but including stamping polishes I have: 2,451 @crutenberg
  • Around 120 (most of them are PP) + a lot of stamping polishes and top coats. – @treasuresuntoldblog
  • 100 pp and about 400 others. I’m addicted.  @sarahhpowell
  • Love #picturepolish because the color range is so unique i can’t find it in any other brand, and also the formula quality is so good pigmented not streaky at all. – @janicemanuI
  • 500+ and 155 picture polish @bloomella
  • 1400+ it’s been a while since I counted them☺ – @dittehvilsom
  • 688 of which 68 is PP, and 108 is stamping polishes… In other words, not enough – @nombj
  • Discovered picture polish around 3 years ago, and ever since I tried my first pp polish, which was fools gold, I instantly fell in love with the brand. Even the first stroke was flawless! Picture polish’s products have never disappointed me; I love the quality, the buttery smooth formula, the amazing wear time, and best of all, the unique and outstanding range of shades! I bet you there’s not a shade you can’t find for your mood! With the cute and intelligent names and quotes for each bottle, you definitely feel special wearing it! –
  • Somewhere between 300 and 350, I feel a lot less guilty about it reading some of the other replies nailaholics forever! – @borisperrilaviski
  • Around 1500 probably not as many as other ladies.. but I only started a year ago so I’ve not done bad – @baby_mama_nails
  • 30 picture polish and around 500 bottles since the begining (7 years ago) – @aline__ea
  • Between 200-250 and counting…it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only crazy one out there – @polishedandfabulous
  • In all my years of purchasing 3 drawers full of Picture polishes. I love these polishes so much they while yes shipping to the US can be expensive every order has gotten to me some times in as little as two days . So, I would just start a list and when I got to 10 then I placed a order.  – @tkirslis
  • My mother gave me my first #picturepolish! How many happiness and emotions! to this day, my collection Picture Polish is growing at a tremendous speed, I collect all the bestsellers of the brand and do not cease to admire them –

Some confessions made us giggle…

  • No matter how many it’s NEVER enough!!! – @mommysalami0529
  • Only enough to where we need two strong men to pick up the bucket when I’m moving and need to move all my polishes – @nubienails
  • Well damn ladies I only have 4 in one colour, because it’s my favourite colour, and you need to stock up like the apocalypse when you find something you like! When I want something different, my best friend is a beauty therapist! – @la_gilmore
  • Cataloging at the moment and up to 771 still have 3 shelves to go! – @nailsatthehill
  • Omg! that mission is impossible to count nailpolishes! – @nisololo
  • Please don’t make me count! – @amberdawnhacker

We welcomed new NPA recruits…

  • Just received my very first delivery from @picturepolish and I am hooked! The colours are gorgeous, there are just so many that I love!!! – @amoharroI
  • I love Picture Polish – because it Picture Polish! ?No, seriously! #picturepolish is something overseas. I think that most loves these varnishes for their branded bare chips! And indeed it is! It is necessary to look at it in the sun, at the way it shimmers in the sun – a magical spectacle that can not give any any other nail ❤ But for me, there is a special thrill and special feelings for lacquers #picturepolish. These lacquers, I wanted more from 13 years old when my passion just beginning to emerge. I am a long time could not realize this dream, looked different photos, Swatch and quietly envied ?participated in numerous competitions and could not understand what I’m doing wrong … I could never win them 🙁 All my efforts were in vain. But Now, for my birthday, my mother gave me my first # picturepolish! How many happiness and emotions! to this day, my collection Picture Polish is growing at a tremendous speed, I collect all the bestsellers of the brand and do not cease to admire them. This treasure of my collection and I always very careful and treat with a special love for them when I paint another PP -. I feel some special emotions both on color, and by their beauty you are best ❤. –

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