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Fascinating World Of Nail Polish

April 10, 2019 | Creativity

Everybody knows about nail polish… but have you asked yourself why nail polish is not particularly important for one person, yet very important for another person.

Why do some of us spend so much money each month, on a small bottle of viscous substance?

And why is it important for some people to have every trendy colour and other people don’t really care?

Well I’ve gotten to the bottom of all these questions…

Did you know that nail polish is a cosmetic product used to polish finger and toe nails?  But did you also know it consists mainly of nitrocellulose, volatile solvents and as long as it is not a clear polish, colour pigments.

Furthermore, the information on ingredients has been mandatory in the European Union since 1997 and is regulated all around the world.

Therefore nail polish is a product which finds its place in the cosmetic arena and is manufactured according to very strict standards.

And not only that… our beloved nail polish has an even longer history, because it is not so young anymore.

The first nail polish came onto the market in the 1920’s. The manufacturer took over the use of pigments developed in the automotive industry for paints and replaced with dyes and colored oils previously used.  In 1932 brothers Charles and Joseph Revlon and Charles Lachman founded the company Revlon and successfully sold the nail polish with their marketing strategy.

WOW, our nail polish is already many years old and nevertheless it still inspires us today.

So this is what I discovered during my research and why these little bottles gives us so much joy. These answers came up the most according to my survey on Instagram…

Due to the wide spectrum of colour variety there are endless possibilities to express yourself creatively and to show our mood and attitude to the world.

Furthermore, a certain colour can say something very personal about your personality. For example, my favourite colour is red and red nails stand for strength. Also sensuality because red is the colour of love.

So everyone has their favorite colour like blue or green or whatever.  Many feel more simply dressed with varnished nails or it supports their outfit. A lot of people wrote that if they paint their nails, they can really relax. It relieves some stress. I find that aspect really exciting because it doesn’t matter what the nail polish does for us or how it helps us. It’s important that we feel comfortable with it.

With nail polish everyone can be beautiful because it makes us feel special to polish our nails.

So that my little insight into the world of nail polish junkies, for those of us who don’t already know why a small bottle can sometimes mean the world.


A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

My name is Nicole but everyone calls me Nici. I am 35 years old. In 2008 I married the man of my dreams, now we have 2 beautiful girls. I’m from Germany. I’m addicted in painting of nails, I love to watch movies and go for a walk with my dog. I work as a saleswoman in an animal business. Animals are also very important to me.

In 2015 I started to paint my nails. Since 2016 I am on Instagram. I’m not a professional. Painting nails is my favorite hobby. It relaxes me to be creative. I discovered Picture Polish in 2017 and fell in love immediately. I love the bottles with their great names and beautiful stories. I like to see the interesting people behind it. At the moment I own 50 picture polishes  but my collection is growing fast.

Check out Nicole’s Instagram for her mix of nail art and video tutorials.

Thanks for your fascinating story Nici.  The Girls xox