Dotticure Challenge Winners

So excited to share our Dotticure Challenge winners for 2018… The challenge, was for participants to create a Dotticure manicure with 2 up to 5 piCture pOlish nail polish colours using either dotting tools, nail art brushes, paperclips or bobbi pins. The participants had one (1) week to put together their entry ready for reveal… More

Nail Polish & Chemotherapy

Picking you up when you couldn’t be further down.  Very occasionally someone might say, oh so you just make nail polish, we smile and think if only they knew the stories of love, life, creativity, and impact that are shared between our sisterhood from every single bottle. We received a message during the week that… More

How to Clean, Exfoliate & Cover your Nails

Your nails are awesome.  Taking some time out to clean, exfoliate, cover is a must as they go everywhere with you, into boiling hot or freezing cold water, into dirt, into cookie dough…really there is nowhere they won’t go with you. They do put up with a lot and are often one of the first… More

Swatch Challenge Winners

So excited to share our first Swatch Challenge winners for 2018… The challenge, was for participants to swatch a piCture pOlish nail polish colour with their favourite cup or mug and tell us why they loved it. The participants had one (1) week to put together their entry ready for the BIG reveal day.  And… More

Challenge Time 2018

piCture pOlish Challenges is a fun, creative, colourful and exciting concept created by us for you on Instagram. Over the past few years, it has become the home of global connectivity and creative expression for our sisters and brothers to participate, share and learn through nail art and swatch challenges using their piCture pOlish shades. … More

Sewing the Seeds of Love

Like Starship built their City on Rock n Roll, piCture pOlish has built our business with an army of incredible sisters…you!  Being digital adopters from the outset we had a snippet of understanding at the opportunities that may be available via the digital world, we knew that it was the door to engage and connect… More

Meet a Sister… Sveta Sanders!

Sveta Sanders is affectionately known as the ‘nails’ of piCture pOlish and creator of our swatch collages, nail art and swatch videos. Jules and Sveta Sanders met online via Instagram back in 2011 and formed an instant rapport that have seen them collaborating together since then. When stockist LakoDom organised a special event in Moscow… More

OMG… Sisterly LOVE!

Holy Moly… omg sisterly love!  You say you love us but OMG we love you! We recently asked the question via our Instagram giveaway… Tell us why you love piCture pOlish? We created these little bottles of love and light with a thousand different personalities to give you the freedom to express yours and you… More

A Nail Polish Family…

piCture pOlish is a nail polish family… We don’t simply choose a nail polish colour, we choose a family!  A family of incredibly creative bloggers and retailers who put their heart and soul into every single nail polish creation. Each nail polish has its own story of creation, and behind every shade has a mass… More

Growing a Global Nail Polish Business!

Must have been easy… yeah right?  Growing a global nail polish business that is.  We told you every day we keep our humour in tack. Whilst we are brilliant at creating, connecting and making fantastic nail polish that colour the world of our sisters globally (and humble, very humble lol) we have run into some issues… More